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I’m Happy Someone Said It

I just came across the most ridiculous article I’ve read in a long time. It was a piece in TIME Magazine called Princeton Student: We Have a Right to Be Offensive, and although the article is downright stupid to me, it was necessary. It’s important to note that people can say stupid things regardless of […]

Forever Immortalized

Six years ago Today, we lost maybe the most important figure in American music history. Michael Jackson who’s undisputed title as the King of Pop, was soon to go on tour when the world got the devastating news of his passing. So, in his honor today if no other, play that Mike Jack one time. Rest In […]

Celebrating July 4th

Today marks the day 238 years ago, when the United States decided that they would be a free nation, where people would come to have a better life than they once had under the British monarch. More than two centuries later, the question for some remains, who is the country free for?

Western's World role in Egypt

A military coupe which removed Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohammed Mursi from office has caused the country to go into a state of chaos and turmoil. This turmoil has seen the death toll in Egypt rise to  628 and counting over the past three days, as there seems to be no end in sight […]

CEO pay higher than ever

  The rich keep getting richer. In 2012, the median pay for a CEO of a large public company was $9.7 million, a 6.5% increase from the year before. The increase in pay only begins to tell the story. After government bailouts, and public dissatisfaction over high payouts to CEO’s during the Great Recession, a […]