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This Is What American Values Look Like

She's holding up a sign that says "no racism, no hate" and look…smh pic.twitter.com/HtNzs67Oxn — Tamantha (@Tamantha_5) July 20, 2016 Isn’t it telling that the guy was trying to cover the sign with the American flag lol https://t.co/8yA3rGvE0O — JESSICA (@rompejess_) July 20, 2016   And I couldn’t have said it better @rompejess, oh and […]

Do We Care More About Lions Than People

The two biggest news stories of the week have revolved around the killings of unarmed endangered species. One at the hands of a campus police officer in Ohio, the other by a game-hunting dentist from Minnesota who was visiting Zimbabwe. Both stories are tragic, and may cause you to question humanity, but the responses to […]

What Happens Next?

  Mike Brown became the latest black male during this weekend to die at the hands of law enforcement. Brown, the 18-year-old from Ferguson, Missouri, a predominately black suburb outside of St. Louis was allegedly shot 8-10 times by a Ferguson Police Officer following what police chief Tom Jackson described as an ‘altercation’ with the […]

The Phenomenon That is "Black Twitter"

Twitter is the platform for trolling, hashtags, and news. But their is a segment of Twitter that has come to the forefront in the eight years since Twitter was introduced to the world, “Black Twitter” From reality TV show commentary to online catfishing, Black Twitter discusses any and everything pertaining to black culture. It’s when […]