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Chip Kelly's Image Issue

The Philadelphia Eagles got rid of another veteran black player on their team for virtually nothing. This time, the player to be dealt was cornerback Brandon Boykin. Boykin who’s entering his fourth season in the NFL has played in all 48 games of his career as well as recording six interceptions during the 2013 season. […]

This Is What Freedom Looks Like

One thing I’ve consistently heard over the past few weeks in regards to black people interaction with law enforcement is this. “If you just obey them (police) and do as they say, you won’t have a problem.” Now while this idea sounds nice in theory, it doesn’t always work in practice. But why should one […]

The Internet Was Already Broken

On the night of November 18th, the very underrated Paper Magazine, along with Kim Kardashian, released the cover of their upcoming Winter issue. The title alone “Break The Internet” let you know from the gate that this wasn’t just any magazine cover, this was a magazine cover with one of the most famous people of all-time completely naked, […]

Racism a lot more cunning in 2013

Earlier this week Pennsylvania State Trooper David Holt sat down with NBC10 Philadelphia Harry Hairston to open up about his federal lawsuit against the state police. Sergeant David Holt says he was racially discriminated by a Lieutenant in 2011 when he inquired about being transferred to the King of Prussia barrack. Sergeant Holt said he […]