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Donald Trump Is American As It Gets

The reason many hate Donald Trump is not because he’s a bigot, racist or alleged sexual predator, it’s because he doesn’t go about it in the right way. Donald Trump didn’t just become the president on November 9th 2016, he became the President long before, when Americans all over the country decided he was a […]

Are Yall Not Tired Of Being Lied To?

One of my favorite rappers and the urban philosopher, Jay Wayne Jenkins aka Jeezy once stated, “if a nigga lie to your face, how you respect him.” That bar has always stuck with me for because it speaks to some of the most basic truths of life. One being respect and another integrity. While these […]

Malia Obama Needs Better Friends

Video surfaced of Malia Obama, the President’s daughter smoking something while at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.   Malia Obama living life pic.twitter.com/dkDGF4nMvn — ITSBIZKIT (@itsbizkit) August 10, 2016   Now why do I say the eldest Obama daughter needs better friends? First of all if your dad is the President of the United States, […]