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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Donald Trump is a liar. He lied when he was a citizen and spewed birther truths about former President Barack Obama. He lied during his campaign when he said that he would lock up Hillary Clinton for her emails and a bunch of other things. Since coming into the Oval office he’s lied about the […]

Larry Wilmore The Tillest

This weekend I missed the White House Correspondents Dinner like I normally do every year. This year however I was disappointed to know that Larry Wilmore did a wonderful job of making it the most uncomfortable Correspondents Dinner in the history of the event. Wilmore, who hosts “The Nightly Show” on Comedy Central made himself […]

A Clinton in the White House 2016?

There’s something intriguing about knowing someone your whole life. Even if you have never met them in person before. Well that is the type of bond many have with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who first became a popular figure in United States culture when she was the First Lady during her husband’s presidency. […]