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The NFL Fucking Sucks

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and while fans of both football and sports in general should be excited, I’m not. See, for the last three months I’ve tried to convince myself that the NFL doesn’t suck ass. This isn’t hyperbole either. This is the worst nfl product I can remember watching with my own […]

Yo, Andrew Luck Just Got Paiddddd

Andrew Luck was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, now he’ll become the highest paid player in the NFL after signing a six year. $140 million contract ($87 million guaranteed) to stay with the Indianapolis Colts reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.   Details on Andrew Luck deal: 5-year extension (6-year deal). Just […]

We Can’t Hear You Sports Media

In the past week we’ve had three different social issues take place around the sports world, and there has been little to no conversation on these issues. The issues range from John Henson, Milwaukee Bucks player being racially profiled at a jewelry store in Wisconsin. Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted of resisting arrest […]

There Goes That Baddddd Man

  Last night on Monday Night Football Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers like things. The reigning NFL MVP had almost a perfect quarterback rating (138.5), threw for five touchdowns and no interceptions for the fourth time in his career, and hasn’t throw an interception at Lambeau field in 19 straight games. Rodgers is the best […]

Mad Takes: Episode 3

  On the latest episode of Mad Takes, we talk about what’s taking place throughout the NFL through the first two weeks, whether or not Tristan Thompson is crazy for not taking $17 million a year and how long will the relationship between James Harden and Adidas will last.