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Is Hip-Hop Changing?

Although we’re already in a new wave of hip-hop, and constantly catching a different one every other year, are we entering a new reign of sound in Hip-Hop/Rap? Everyday someone else is blaming Lil so-and-so or Young what’s-his-name for ruining the sound of “Hip-Hop”. For the majority of my life the sound has elevated throughout the […]


As he preps for his #ScreamingDreams‘ release(8.9.2015,) KEY! drops NO ONE IS READY 3. Working with Jace of Two-9 on every track, Key! is showing his sound versatility and lyrical touch with these 3 records. “No Where” is basically Jace’s record. “Rush Hour (Feat. FatKidsBrotha)” is real cypher style, Two-9 edition. Key! closes out with “DrugStore“. Singing about the topic at hand, its a […]

Check Please!

Prepping for his new mixtape #SCREAMINGDREAMS, KEY! has been teasing the people since January. Starting with “Work Ya Risk!“, the anticipation for a new project has been building and bubbling. Due to the fact he hasn’t released a full-length project since 2013, it seems he saw this all along. In 2014 Key! released 4 EPs. […]