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What A Time

Getting to know the artist these days is very important for the consumer, or fan if you will. That’s why you see so many publications & platforms are able to report on the culture, or feel they can. Too many times are artist trash at expressing themselves or don’t want to give too much away. […]

DJ Khaled Can’t Lose

I’m old enough to have known and listened to DJ Khaled for a majority of my life. I remember his run as the DJ who put Miami on the map along with Rick Ross in the mid 2000s. Now in 2016 the “We The Best” boss has gone a resurgence. Mainly due to his growing […]

Happy December 4th

December 4th is the birthday of Jay Z, to some the greatest rapper to ever bless the mic. While debates will linger about who is actually the G.O.A.T. of hip-hop, no one can deny Jay Z’s impact on not only the rap game but pop culture. Jay Z has become more than just a rapper […]

FutureHive Is Real

I saw this video a few days ago on the internet, and I thank God I found this whole video. I want to just point out a few things. One, she wasn’t just listening to Future, but also classic Jay Z. Two, her dance moves were on point, she was getting it. Third, while I […]

Nas Shuts Down Coachella 2014

Coachella 2014 was supposed to be the return of Outkast to big the stage. But it was another 90s hip-hop superstar that stole the show. Nearly 20 years to the date that he released his critically acclaimed album, Illmatic, Nas with the help of two other hip-hop legends, brought New York to Coachella. Watch Nas […]

Male Version of Lauryn Hill

  Drake has been deemed by some in the hip-hop community as a breath of fresh air. The singer, rapper from Canada has shattered the mold of what the ideal rapper is that many in hip-hop have longed to hold onto. Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out in 1999. Until Drake released albums Take Care […]

Happy Birthday Jay Z

Today, December 4 marks Jay Z 44th birthday. Because the rap/business mogul probably doesn’t have much that makes him laugh, I found this video on smokingsection.uproxx.com of Beyonce’s version of December 4th and let’s just say, well you watch and form your own opinion. Happy Birthday to Mr. Sean Carter

Jay Z and Dame Dash Reunite

Growing up as a young boy you had these dynamic duo’s you admired. Some had Batman and Robin, others had Jordan and Pippen. For me it was Jay Z and Dame Dash. Jay was the face of the franchise and Dame was the hustler behind the scenes. The two one time partners and friends had […]

Album Review: MCHG

How does one fairly critique MCHG without overreaching to include the whole greatness of Jay-Z? Thirteen number one albums, Grammy’s, founding of Roc Nation records, 40/40 clubs, Sports Agent, etc etc. It seems since the turn of the century whatever Jay-Z touches turns to gold or platinum depending on your preference. But does that guarantee […]