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Consider The Double Standard

Last night four suspects in Chicago were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a white man with mental challenges. The kidnapping was posted to one of the alleged suspects Facebook live feeds before going viral. The man whose name hasn’t been released yet was said to be held hostage from 24-48 hours. This is a […]

Curt Schilling Doesn’t Get It, At All

Curt Schilling got fired last week from ESPN for finally going too far on Facebook posting meme’s. The final one was a meme disparaging the transgender community and a new law that would allow for transgender people to use the bathrooms they identify with. Here’s the meme Schilling thought didn’t deserve any scrutiny.     […]

Stephen A. Smith is ……

    Stephen A. Smith is the co-host of the ESPN 2 show, First Take. He’s an interesting character to say the least, as he’s become one of the premier faces in sports media. But he’s also a guy who thinks far too highly of himself. Last week, Smith said some things about Kevin Durant’s […]

Daniel Tosh takes aim at ESPN

Daniel Tosh the host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 recently had a few choice words for the heads of ESPN after he caught wind that the networks flagship show, SportsCenter ripped off a segment from his show called “Web Redemption” with a segment of their own called “Awesome Video Segment” Now in vintage Tosh.0 fashion he […]

Not Just An NFL Problem

Over the past 10 days, the American sports arena has been littered with social issues. From cases involving domestic violence and child abuse in the NFL, to additional cases involving racism and prejudice in the NBA. The offenders in these instances have been both players and management, black and white, young and old. But despite diversity […]

Tim Tebow's Second Chance at Football

In three NFL seasons Tim Tebow has gone from the biggest story in football to ESPN’s latest player turned analyst. The announcement of Tebow’s signing came last Monday on ESPN. The deal is reportedly a multi-year contract that will have Tebow as an analyst for the show “SEC Nation”. The show will be reminiscent of […]

Jonathan Martin Unlikely To Return To Dolphins

Later today the Miami Dolphins (4-4) are set to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-8) on Monday Night Football, but the nation’s focus is far from what will happen on the field. From when the story first broke to Incognito’s Fox Sports interview, and now to information revealed today, Jonathan Martin has been at the […]

World Series Preview: Cardinals-Red Sox

It’s World Series time folks. Every year brings the promise of an epic, seven game series that could result in an era-defining moment. Both teams have had such moments recently. David Freese’s monster World Series that brought the trophy to St. Louis, and the BoSox ending the “Curse of Bambino” will forever be entrenched in […]

Best Trick Shot Ever

I guess this video dispels all the talk of cheer leading not being a sport. Ashlee Arnau, a cheerleader at William Carey University provided the highlight of the night and maybe the year so far. Arnau who has been attempting this trick shot at every home game since the end of December. Hit the acrobatic half court shot Thursday night […]

NBA Second Half Stretch

  Before any talk of NBA action. Condolences must be sent to the Buss family over the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss yesterday from cancer. The former Los Angeles Lakers owner was at the head of the team for over 30 years. In which his teams won 10 NBA championships (most ever by a owner) […]