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“You with all them curves & me without no breaks” I think Drake’s verse established him with Hip Hop Elites, not only the fact that he held his own with Fabolous, T.I., Ice Cold 3K & Martin Louis King(All of whom on they best day are Top 10 best MCs), but Chris let him change […]

Let Them Live

After the release of Chris Brown’s insight on his mainstream love triangle, the social networks are going crazy and everyone’s got opinions out the ass. I didn’t care to speak on it until I seen the amount of ridicule that the three are receiving. I feel as though what people need to really understand is […]

Can I Live?

Chris Brown has a new tattoo, the picture on the left, and there has been speculation that it’s Rihanna.  Breezy has been denying the obligations, of course.  But why must he?  It’s apparently the goddess.  Seems to be from the day he put them paws on her. Why can’t they love without caution? Personally I […]