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Rest In Peace Fredo Santana

I never met Derrick Coleman better known to the world as Fredo Santana, and if we’re being fully transparent, I seldom gave his tracks much play. However, that doesn’t change his notable impact on the music that I regularly consume. Rewind back to 2012, when drill music was at its peak. Chief Keef is a […]


During a time when people are trying to do Chief Keef better than Chief Keef, Chief Keef outdid himself. Remaining relevant after what seemed to be a fall off, Chief Sosa is back. In reality, he never left nor fell off. It was, or is, just a case of longtime fans not being satisfied with […]

Chief Keef – Rider (ft Wiz Khalifa)

  2013 hasn’t been as good as a year to Chief Keef as many had anticipated. But that doesn’t mean the Chicago rapper hasn’t played his part in music this year. He was on the trap song of the year “All these bitches” and he recently released his mixatpe Almighty So. Though the above track, Rider, […]

That’s A Wrap Pt. 2

Gucci Mane & Wiz Khalifa were the hardest workers of 2012, well they at least put out the most music.  Both of them released 3 well received projects but, Gucci’s were strictly mixtapes while Khalifa dropped his sophomore album.  The irony of it is both of them were included in my favorite collaborators of the […]

Judgement Day Pt. 2

Back From The Dead was my turnup / “get crunk” / trap & whatever else people call it mixtape of the year, with Trap Back coming in at close second, but what Keef & Chop did on that was special.  12 Tracks, last one being Sosa’s first national break featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.  Soulja’s […]

Whose Really to Blame

In the last week and a half the internet has gone crazy over two home videos that show men beating women. One video of an elderly bus driver hitting a young women, and teenage rapper Lil Reese  beating on a teenage girl in a house. First thing first, hitting PEOPLE is wrong. Not men hitting […]

Lost Boys

Seeing as I’m a heavy supporter of Chief Keef & the GBE movement, I wasn’t very surprised when hearing about Lil Jojo’s death or Chief’s reaction to it.  Keef boast about shooting in every song, if not every verse.  He comes from the south-side of Chicago, which has been hailed as “one of the worst […]