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City of Sorrow

Over the course of the last, damnnnn, at this point 7 years? Chicago has been on the forefront of America’s top tier cities. Whether it be for a negative or positive situation. You hear so much bad though, that you become desensitized to the reality of people’s environments. That’s why it’s always good & refreshing […]

Malia Obama Needs Better Friends

Video surfaced of Malia Obama, the President’s daughter smoking something while at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.   Malia Obama living life pic.twitter.com/dkDGF4nMvn — ITSBIZKIT (@itsbizkit) August 10, 2016   Now why do I say the eldest Obama daughter needs better friends? First of all if your dad is the President of the United States, […]

Lil Durk – 500 Homicides

  Hip-Hop has always been the voice of people, and it’s always songs like Lil Durk’s – 500 Homicides off his debut album, Remember My Name that remind me of that. Chicago, Illinois has been dubbed the murder capital of the United States. Twenty-two year old Lil Durk is a product of that life, and […]

Orange Soda – Vic Mensa

Chicago hip-hop scene is probably as deep right now with quality rappers as any other city in the country. The household names however may not be the ones doing it the biggest in the city. So I got a guy in Chicago who hips me to what’s hot in the city, and Vic Mensa is […]

Everybody's Something

  Chance the Rapper is the hottest thing out the Chi right now. In a city which is at the forefront of hip-hop, Chance style is far different from the gangsta/trap one that has seen Chief Keef, King Louie among others become household names. Though Chance may not be as popular as the other yet […]