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The NFL Fucking Sucks

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and while fans of both football and sports in general should be excited, I’m not. See, for the last three months I’ve tried to convince myself that the NFL doesn’t suck ass. This isn’t hyperbole either. This is the worst nfl product I can remember watching with my own […]

Yo, Andrew Luck Just Got Paiddddd

Andrew Luck was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, now he’ll become the highest paid player in the NFL after signing a six year. $140 million contract ($87 million guaranteed) to stay with the Indianapolis Colts reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.   Details on Andrew Luck deal: 5-year extension (6-year deal). Just […]

Steph Curry really lost, like he really lost

The 2016 NBA Finals ended this past Sunday with the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89. The victory was historic for the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers franchise. The monkey is finally off the back of Cleveland, and LeBron, the hometown hero who had  left the cold midwest for the fun and sun […]

The Thunder Go As Russy Goes

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook NBA careers have been joined at the hip. The two superstars in their mid 20’s have done virtually everything you can think of on the NBA stage, and together while doing it. Durant has been in the league for eight years, Westbrook one year less. While their paths were somewhat […]

Jose Bautista My Homie, Hate It Had To Be Him

Well the Rangers and Blue Jays rivalry just went to a new levelhttps://t.co/iPGyGObCJI — Baseball Players™ (@BaseballPIayers) May 16, 2016   I’m a big fan of Jose Bautista, we follow each other on the Twitter and he’s one of the few baseball players I could identify if they weren’t in their uniform. Well the homie […]

Steph Curry Is Back, That Is All

Yo, Steph Curry is amazing. Just in case you forgot, last night he reminded us all that this is his league.   “I’m Back!” – @StephenCurry30 pic.twitter.com/uOBuyjhCEX — NBA (@NBA) May 10, 2016     I’ve been saying this for like two years, and this year I went as far as to say him and […]

Curt Schilling Doesn’t Get It, At All

Curt Schilling got fired last week from ESPN for finally going too far on Facebook posting meme’s. The final one was a meme disparaging the transgender community and a new law that would allow for transgender people to use the bathrooms they identify with. Here’s the meme Schilling thought didn’t deserve any scrutiny.     […]

I Hope The Thunder Win Something Very Soon

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are two of the top five players in the NBA, multiple time All-Stars and superstars. They’ve been to an NBA Finals and a Western Conference Finals together during their eight year run together. This is all dandy and they deserve recognition for it all.  They’ve also turned into guys who […]