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A Black Journalist’s Legacy

This summer we celebrated the 163rd birthday of Mrs. Ida B. Wells. An American journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist, and an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement. For America she is the hero for the voiceless group of people who suffered greatly at the hands of an oppressive reality. Ida. B. Wells was the first black person to challenge the transportation […]

Weed Vending Machines Anyone?

  The industry of marijuana is reaching a new level in the United States. A manufacturing based company in Arizona has unveiled the first marijuana vending machines for consumers timely checkout. These vending machines won’t debut on the streets. The machines will be set-op in licensed dispensaries in Colorado & other states that have made […]

Drone home delivery coming soon?

Amazon owns 10 percent of North American E-Commerce, making it the largest retailer in the world. Now the retailer is about to unveil maybe their most ingenious idea yet. CEO Jeff Bezos is hoping to change the way we think of delivery and drone usage. “Prime Air” is the revolutionary invention that will allow Amazon […]

Fair or Foul?

Would you be offended by the image above? The image, which is an advertisement for an energy drink, may cause more controversy than sales for the small tobacco store in Norfolk, VA. The ad states, ” The drink’s pure, it’s your mind that’s the problem” Though sarcastic in its nature, does the ad have a […]

What you need

As we gear up for back to school shopping looking for all that new hot shit to bring back to your dorm room or apartment, consider purchasing this new tech savy device produced by Google called the Google ChromeCast. The growth of technology has been beautiful thing to be apart of as a consumer. This new […]

Yo Posse Inc.

  Yo Posse Inc. a jewelry company started by Porcha, 24 in Chesapeake, Va that creates flossy wrist wear, beads, and customization of chains. In the words of the people at Yo Posse Inc. “Anything goes” What inspires Yo Posse Inc. to continue creating and grinding is people wearing their ideas and making them bigger. Yo […]