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Flint Michigan’s Dangerously Toxic water

Today’s need to know is a heart breaking reality. Flint Michigan is suffering from what many call water poisoning in the minority community. The short story is that the city opted out of Detroit’s water supply and began drawing water from the Flint River in April 2014, part of a cost-saving plan. After eighteen months, in the fall of […]


Movember, is a movement which takes place in November where men decide to put down their razors for four weeks and raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues (specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives). Movember should not be confused with the contest “No Shave November” where men grow out beards in the hopes of […]

Wrap it Up

I first saw this video on Complex website and was just stuck by what I saw. The video is for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Being that last weekend throughout various cities in the nation walks were held to raise money and awareness here’s a video which will hopefully make you do the same.

RIP Godmother

One of the most notorious names in the world of drug trafficking is Griselda Blanco. Being that she’s a woman, it comes as a surprise to many that she lead such a fast and vulgar lifestyle. Most people first heard about her in the heavily-rotated documentary films ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ and ‘Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin’ With […]