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City of Sorrow

Over the course of the last, damnnnn, at this point 7 years? Chicago has been on the forefront of America’s top tier cities. Whether it be for a negative or positive situation. You hear so much bad though, that you become desensitized to the reality of people’s environments. That’s why it’s always good & refreshing […]

What A Time

Getting to know the artist these days is very important for the consumer, or fan if you will. That’s why you see so many publications & platforms are able to report on the culture, or feel they can. Too many times are artist trash at expressing themselves or don’t want to give too much away. […]

Regret. Pride. Stubborn.

Happy new year. Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Hanukkah. All that good stuff. Let’s talk about faith. Faith, to me, is believing in something you can’t validate but knowing it’s the right choice. Faith is going with ya “gut feeling”. Faith is going through the lows knowing the highs will follow. That gut feeling, that’s […]

The Marathon Continues

Good day, good people. Mellow here with the latest & greatest. Nipsey Hussle has been on a journey, a grand one. Five to six years ago, he was set to release Victory Lap. Here we are, tentatively releasing in February ’18, so much was accomplished & has come to fruition. Continuously pushing himself & those […]

Life As I Know It

It was the summer of 2010. My cousin Lloyd and I would stay in my living room for hours at a time discussing “the meaning of life?” Back then I had just graduated from high school and had no real grasp of life to say the least. For me when the argument got to whether […]

A Black Journalist’s Legacy

This summer we celebrated the 163rd birthday of Mrs. Ida B. Wells. An American journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist, and an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement. For America she is the hero for the voiceless group of people who suffered greatly at the hands of an oppressive reality. Ida. B. Wells was the first black person to challenge the transportation […]

Why Do White People Care So Much

Earlier this week former CNN host Piers Morgan wrote an op-ed piece on the use of the n-word in black communities. In doing so, Morgan tried to solve the problems of black America with one simple solution, stop saying the word nigga. Well though I disagree with the overall gist of Morgan’s piece I can’t […]

The Digital Renaissance

I recently got the chance to interview Christen Whitaker, the founder of Never Too Young, an organization designed to help the youth achieve their goals and reach their full potential. One of her projects that she has undertaken is the Digital Renaissance, I’ll let her explain to you what the project is.     Become […]

Looking to 2015, Already?

  Today marks the 183 day of the year, what does that mean exactly, we have officially reached the second half of the year. Crazy how fast times flying, but with six months left in 2014, what will you do to make it worthwhile. Whether you wasted your time, didn’t dedicate yourself to the right […]

Sunday Reflection: Being Happy

  I haven’t written a Sunday Reflection in a while. So when I woke up this morning I was determined to make sure that was exactly what I did. It wasn’t hard to know what topic I would choose to speak on. I’m not a life coach, or even a person whose been through a […]