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Happy 4/20

April 20th, 4/20 or whatever name you choose to call this day is the greatest American holiday of them all. Please don’t argue with me. I could give you a plethora of reasons as to why getting stoned all day while listening to the best of music and finding the best snacks and movies to […]

TBT: Bud of the Week

If you’re new to HazieThoughts, at one point this blog wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now, lol. It was an outlet for me and a few friends to write some stuff, and put a few more people other than our friends to some music. One of the other things we did, was put people […]

Weed Vending Machines Anyone?

  The industry of marijuana is reaching a new level in the United States. A manufacturing based company in Arizona has unveiled the first marijuana vending machines for consumers timely checkout. These vending machines won’t debut on the streets. The machines will be set-op in licensed dispensaries in Colorado & other states that have made […]

Bud Of The Week: PIRU

  I would love to come across this, I said I wouldn’t smoke it… that was one of my worst lies ever.  I would love to put it on my shelf though, like how shorty had on Don’t Be A Menace.  Enjoy this wonderful Frieday and have a budful weekend.  Peace  

Bud of the Week: Harry Potter

I always find it amusing or interesting depending on how we’re looking at the names that people come up with for different strands. Well this week we have Harry Potter. I truly couldn’t tell you why they call it this or if it’s even worth the name, but it sure does look pretty. Happy FriedDay […]

Bud of the Week: Blackberry Kush

“Afghan Kush I told you that, Blackberry Kush I sold you that” Well it’s been a year plus since those words were uttered, but look who is back. Blackberry Kush is one of my favorite strands, not to mention the smell is so delightful you’ll think that you were playing in flowers. Well, I guess […]

Bud of the Week: Skywalker Something

    I woke up this morning in a very happy mood. I don’t know whether it was the Valentine’s Day hangover or the Skywalker bud (pictured above) but whatever it is today has that makings of a “Good Day” Since were in a FriedDay mood, check out Hot Spitta’s latest video, Mary. Side note, […]