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Bring It Back


First Kenan and Kel tug at our nostalgia strings with their reenactment of Good Burger on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and now it has come to my attention that Nickelodeon themselves are doing the people a solid as well. The greats that brought us orange VCR tapes are soon to be introducing their new […]

Jay Z and Dame Dash Reunite

Growing up as a young boy you had these dynamic duo’s you admired. Some had Batman and Robin, others had Jordan and Pippen. For me it was Jay Z and Dame Dash. Jay was the face of the franchise and Dame was the hustler behind the scenes. The two one time partners and friends had […]

Bring It Back: Shot Ya Ma'amee

On the first November 21st of the new millennium, one of the best artist of our time released her second album.  From standouts like Cleva to Bag Lady to Green Eyes, MAMA’S GUN is surely a legendary collection of music.  I remember being about 9 yrs old and falling in love simply off of the sound, but going back and realizing the messages conveyed […]

Throwback Jam: Unit

Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y. Fact: Dom Kennedy rapped over this beat, I’ll give a dollar to the first to name the record. Fact #2: This day needs more females artist talking substance, instead of only love & heartbreak. Who you calling a bitch?

Throwback Jam: One Mic

    I found it amazing that Nas has never won a Grammy. That shows you how much they know about hip-hop. Though Nas hasn’t seen the commercial success that some of his rap counterparts from the 90s were able to achieve. His imprint on the genre may be as big or bigger than anyone […]

Bring It Back

If you’ve been fucking with us, HAZIETHOUGHTS, prior to the site change you’ll know that ever so often there would be a Bring It Back.  Well, I had an idea to bring it back.  At that time it was videos, I’d rather enlighten your day with classic or classic-like projects and if you aren’t aware […]