A Wu Review

Most people know The RZA as a rapper in and founder of the rap collective Wu-Tang (Witty unpredictable talent and natural game). Most also know that he’s a producer and actor as well. However, one skill the artist possesses that isn’t particularly as highlighted is writing; he has done both screenwriting and a couple books, using […]

Alex Ferguson: My AutoBiography

There is no doubting Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest football manager ever. However, is his book the greatest sports biography ever? Back home overseas the book has already dropped, but in the states we have to wait until October 24th to get our hands on it. From the excerpts I have read on other […]

Famed African Author Passes

  Chinua Achebe, the famed Nigerian author passed earlier today according to the Associated Press. Achebe, who is best known by the masses for his 1958 book Things Fall Apart, that depicted life of a Nigerian man and his family . The book, for many is one of the most influential pieces of literary works by and […]

Places and Spaces

In my eyes, Pharrell Williams is a musical mogul. Take that as you may, but the man has created undeniable magic time and time again. To prove his versatility, he even extends himself beyond just beats and lyrics. Pharrell is also an author. In the above video, posted on his iAmOther youtube channel, Pharrell humbly […]