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Rest In Peace Fredo Santana

I never met Derrick Coleman better known to the world as Fredo Santana, and if we’re being fully transparent, I seldom gave his tracks much play. However, that doesn’t change his notable impact on the music that I regularly consume. Rewind back to 2012, when drill music was at its peak. Chief Keef is a […]

City of Sorrow

Over the course of the last, damnnnn, at this point 7 years? Chicago has been on the forefront of America’s top tier cities. Whether it be for a negative or positive situation. You hear so much bad though, that you become desensitized to the reality of people’s environments. That’s why it’s always good & refreshing […]

Back In Eighth Grade

I can’t say I recall a time where a 16 17, 18 year old man child captivated so many children & adults, genuinely, at once. Youngboy NBA may be a true 1 of 1. Hailing from the infamous Baton Rogue, he wears pain on his face. Literally. Unstoppable & unbreakable, he dropped out of school […]

What A Time

Getting to know the artist these days is very important for the consumer, or fan if you will. That’s why you see so many publications & platforms are able to report on the culture, or feel they can. Too many times are artist trash at expressing themselves or don’t want to give too much away. […]

A$AP Pleighboi

Released on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, Playboi Carti, self-titled debut mixtape by the pleighboi himself, had a lot of fighting to do. With what seemed like the perfect album roll-out and a grand amount of anticipation, the project just had to release next to the biggest Hip-Hop album of the year. Not […]

Damn It’s 2018 Already

2017 was a good year for hip-hop, Mainstream & underground. Being the 2nd year that Drake isn’t undeniably the #1 artist, it has opened up the genre. There’s a lot of local scenes, locally thriving, while making some national noise. I.E. The Bay Area, Detroit, DMV, & Florida. To close out the year and head […]

Nanana 2.0

About a year and a half ago, I interviewed Lil Dude. At the time, he was, if not the hottest DMV rapper (from PG side), neck & neck with the hottest. Shortly after it felt like he dropped the ball. Was doing a lot of moves, but never really scoring. Yet to release his high-anticipated […]

Cook That Shit Up Baby

In a time where trapper turnt rapper is at a all-time high, Lil Baby is rather refreshing. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia’s Zone 4 district, he is garnering a lot of traffic, at a rapid pace. The story goes he was released from prison this year & got straight to it. Having shared three solo projects […]

The Marathon Continues

Good day, good people. Mellow here with the latest & greatest. Nipsey Hussle has been on a journey, a grand one. Five to six years ago, he was set to release Victory Lap. Here we are, tentatively releasing in February ’18, so much was accomplished & has come to fruition. Continuously pushing himself & those […]

Is Hip-Hop Changing?

Although we’re already in a new wave of hip-hop, and constantly catching a different one every other year, are we entering a new reign of sound in Hip-Hop/Rap? Everyday someone else is blaming Lil so-and-so or Young what’s-his-name for ruining the sound of “Hip-Hop”. For the majority of my life the sound has elevated throughout the […]

TBT: Grammy Snubs

Earlier this week the nominations for the 2017 Grammy Awards were released and hip-hop was represented very well this year. Drake’s triple platinum album Views is nominated for both Album of the Year and best Rap Album of the Year, while Kanye West and Chance The Rapper are up for a number of awards including […]