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Is Hip-Hop Changing?

Although we’re already in a new wave of hip-hop, and constantly catching a different one every other year, are we entering a new reign of sound in Hip-Hop/Rap? Everyday someone else is blaming Lil so-and-so or Young what’s-his-name for ruining the sound of “Hip-Hop”. For the majority of my life the sound has elevated throughout the […]

The Renaissance

Back in 2008, Q-Tip released The Renaissance. At 14 years of age, I loved it. I even purchased the physical copy. Recently, “Life Is Better” was played somewhere and I had to thank God for bringing this back into my life. Q-Tip put together a great album, which he produced a vast majority of. Check it out.

Me & My Friends

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! Drake & Future locked in again and dropped the most polarizing hip-hop project of 2015.  Executive produced by Metro Boomin’ and mostly produced by him musically, the two bring out the very best in each other. Every other song is Drakes or Futures, with Drake taking the evens and […]

Anything Can Happen At The Rodeo

After countless shows and networking with all the need to knows in the rap game, Rodeo arrives. 4 long years coming, it finally sees day light. I believe Travis has been waiting for this since his Lights Out video. I believe his fans have been waiting for this since Owl Pharaoh; “Sin City” if they […]

Don’t Be Dishonest

Don’t know who Bryson Tiller is, but I’m curious & intrigued. A good friend of mine put me on to this “Don’t” record and made me feel pretty late. After listening to a few more tracks, I’m thinking I will definitely  be hearing more. Having multiple million plus play songs on Soundcloud, I am clearly […]


After dropping what some considered an unreasonable tease, Dom Kennedy returns 3 months later with Best After Bobby 2. Following up By Dom Kennedy. It seems he is trying to finally be a big deal. The first Best After Bobby was Dom rapping over classic beats, showcasing his range and skill. 6 years later, the formula is pretty much […]

Lapdance in the Traphouse – 2 Chainz

There’s 2 Chainz and then there’s Tity Boi, world, reintroduce yourself to Tity.

If Guns Don’t Kill People, What Does?

On Wednesday morning, we were once shown again the destruction the use of guns can cause in communities, this time however it happened to be in front of the whole world, as it took place live on TV. Vester Lee Flanagan II took the life of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward. […]


During a time when people are trying to do Chief Keef better than Chief Keef, Chief Keef outdid himself. Remaining relevant after what seemed to be a fall off, Chief Sosa is back. In reality, he never left nor fell off. It was, or is, just a case of longtime fans not being satisfied with […]

GGN With Michael Rapaport

I have saw Michael Rapaport in a decent amount of movies growing up, so i’m familiar with him. Never have I saw an “interview” where they just discuss a historic story. Here, Snoop & Michael recall the night Snoop & Tupac first met.


As he preps for his #ScreamingDreams‘ release(8.9.2015,) KEY! drops NO ONE IS READY 3. Working with Jace of Two-9 on every track, Key! is showing his sound versatility and lyrical touch with these 3 records. “No Where” is basically Jace’s record. “Rush Hour (Feat. FatKidsBrotha)” is real cypher style, Two-9 edition. Key! closes out with “DrugStore“. Singing about the topic at hand, its a […]

Music Review: Dirty Sprite 2

Future Hendrix has been running hip-hop since he dropped Monster last October. Knowing that he had some redeeming to do, he went back to what felt right and that’s led him here. Dirty Sprite 2 aka DS2. Announcing it only a week prior to it’s release, the anticipation was really heavy. The streets was ready for new […]

Life Ain't Fair

Running with Awful Records, Playboi Carti seems to be one of the next big things out of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene. I became familiar with him about a week ago on that playlist, but I’ve definitely listened to him everyday since. With guys like 40 OZ Van & Ian Connor on his side, I’m sure if […]

Hot New Hip-Hop

Recently 40 Oz Van composed a playlist for HotNewHipHop.com. 27-songs deep, its filled with new up-and-coming wave. Featuring acts like ILOVEMAKONNEN, KEY!, OG MACO, ROBB BANK$, and FATHER the playlist is sure to have you rocking. I would tell you my standouts, but you might just listen to those and be stuck. So give it at least 30 minutes of your […]

Check Please!

Prepping for his new mixtape #SCREAMINGDREAMS, KEY! has been teasing the people since January. Starting with “Work Ya Risk!“, the anticipation for a new project has been building and bubbling. Due to the fact he hasn’t released a full-length project since 2013, it seems he saw this all along. In 2014 Key! released 4 EPs. […]


“Every lost girl I know is just too afraid to admit it.” I keep listening to this, so I just had to post. Whether Roy Wood$ is officially signed to Drake or not, this is definitely about to work out in his favor. And in case you been slacking on ya macking, Drake has given […]


Overcoming what could have been setbacks, Meek Mill wins with his latest album, DWMTM (Dreams Worth More Than Money). In reality, he has been winning since being released from prison. Selling out his hometown’s Wells Fargo Center, “going public” with dating Nicki Minaj, and just being back home with family; among other things. Dropping right after […]

Now We Here

In 2013, Drake won a Grammy for Best Rap Album with Take Care. After the Grammy’s he dropped “Started From The Bottom“. At the time, it was like “oh shit!” new Drake. No one knew, not even himself, how big of a deal this record would be and it went to show how important of a figure […]


Seeming to have remained relevantly quiet in 2015, Wiz is still a force to be reckoned with. After a subpar 2014, he’s put out a few things I’m sure we will be playing for years to come. Now, while I’m not discrediting his 2014 run, I am asking you, besides a few songs from 28 […]

Review: By Dom Kennedy

The things that gravitated me toward Dom Kennedy initially are the same things that keep me listening today. He raps things I think, he say things I feel, and he paints pictures that I damn-near imagine vividly. Known for his feel good sound, people act like he is only good for summer music. Dom kind-of […]