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Donald Trump Is American As It Gets


The reason many hate Donald Trump is not because he’s a bigot, racist or alleged sexual predator, it’s because he doesn’t go about it in the right way.

Donald Trump didn’t just become the president on November 9th 2016, he became the President long before, when Americans all over the country decided he was a proper representation of at least half the nation.

As each day as him as president goes and a republican led congress does nothing and says even less about his behavior, it reminds me that Donald Trump isn’t the problem. If anything he’s the most honest representation that the United States has to offer.

See, Donald Trump is just following a playbook that was written hundreds of years ago. Trump believes Africans live in huts, Haitians carry HIV and Mexicans are rapist because guess what, many Americans believe it too. Difference is Trump is rich white man who doesn’t have to worry about offending, because only people that look like him can be offended.

Donald Trump knows everything he’s spewing is so American he ran his campaign using the dog whistle, “Make America Great Again.” Which can be deduced to mean, “Make America White Again.” He knows and he doesn’t care.

He’s appointed a known racist in Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the nation. His cabinet has featured more than one person who has worked for the website Breitbart, (definition of company)

Trump has done everything in his possible power to tell Americans that he only cares about certain people and not even wether those people are Americans just that they look like him.

How is that different from how we romanticize and Love European accents, cinema and culture but look down on the same aspects of life for darker skin people. Trump didn’t start that.

How is Trump different from the media that since September 11th have painted Muslim people in a negative light or the same media that has only shaped the perspective of black people around the world as desolate and in poverty. Trump didn’t start that either.

But It’s easy to point the blame at Trump. He’s the president, he’s the one in charge but if the greatest democracy in the world. One founded on checks and balances, giving power to the people can’t control one unimpressive white man from blowing the whole thing up maybe the democracy needs to die. Maybe the greatness of a country built on genocide and slavery isn’t so great and ending the whole shit would be of some good.

Donald Trump is as American as concentration camps during World War II. Segregation in the south during him crow. A lot of Americans wanted to believe we had passed that stage as a country. If we were ever going to make America great again that was the America they had in mind.

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.