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Monkey See, Monkey Do


How much do I really care?

Monday 5:42 am: my Amtrak train from Maryland departs on its way to New York Penn Station.

7:30 am: I wake up from sleeping on the train to find myself somewhere between Philadelphia and new Jersey I believe. I go back to sleep

8:47 am: my train is delayed, they’re single tracking into Manhattan. First shift twitter has arisen. The golden globes are the topic of my timeline

9:06 am: LaVar Ball News, they still hating on a big Baller.

10:04 am: Finally off the Amtrak and subway, I’m walking towards my place of employment.

10:34 am I sit at my desk and finally see the H&M photo that had caused my timeline outrage.

3:33 pm the outrage hasn’t died down and now the think piece tweets have come to fruition.


3:40 pm now the jokes have arrived


3:55 more jokes

4:53 here’s a funny by me about the whole monkey photoshoot situation.


5:34 I made it home and the thought of H&M or their ill advised campaign has ceased from my memory

It’s currently 4:26 am on Tuesday and I can’t sleep. One of the things I do most often at this time is read my old tweets from the day. I tweet enough that my twitter serves as a daily log, diary at best. As I go through yesterday’s log it dawned on me, on a day where Oprah was rumored to be running for President. The biggest game of the college Football season was to take place later on that night, I somewhat cared or noticed the H&M fiasco.

I didn’t really care enough to actually see what else went along with the photo. It was just another day of outrage about an issue that i shouldn’t be tired of talking bout, but I am.

Maybe I’ve used up all my boycott outrage and want to “cancel” people because at what point do symbolic gestures turn into tangible results?

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.