City of Sorrow


Over the course of the last, damnnnn, at this point 7 years? Chicago has been on the forefront of America’s top tier cities. Whether it be for a negative or positive situation. You hear so much bad though, that you become desensitized to the reality of people’s environments. That’s why it’s always good & refreshing to see the story told, from a positive angle.

G Herbo has been in a lot of playlist’s nationally, since at least 2013, ’14 when Nicki Minaj featured him on a record that would be remade by countless up-and-coming & certified artists. This past year he released his debut album, independently, and did a damn good job marketing it. Here you have a documentary speaking to the tragedies he faced and a little about him overcoming them. Mikkey Halsted, a well-respected Chicagoan, came to save Herb & talks about how it started.

I wanted to share this because while watching it hit me that, though I’ve never been there, we share the same struggles & could face the same adversities. They said more people died there than in Afghanistan on the battlefield in six months. *Face Palm emoji*

Though opportunities aren’t always knocking, you can damn sure create your own.