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Back In Eighth Grade


I can’t say I recall a time where a 16 17, 18 year old man child captivated so many children & adults, genuinely, at once. Youngboy NBA may be a true 1 of 1.

Hailing from the infamous Baton Rogue, he wears pain on his face. Literally. Unstoppable & unbreakable, he dropped out of school at 13-yrs of age to pursue his dreams of music. Going through the ups-and-downs that comes with life, he spills his soul a lot. Often being very descriptive, but never self-incriminating. Often making you feel him, even though you never been in the situations he’s talking about.

I’ll tell you what though, he’s pretty consistent musically. Recently doing some time in jail, he got out with a buzz and didn’t let up. Here’s to his 2018.