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Regret. Pride. Stubborn.



Happy new year. Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Hanukkah. All that good stuff.

Let’s talk about faith. Faith, to me, is believing in something you can’t validate but knowing it’s the right choice. Faith is going with ya “gut feeling”. Faith is going through the lows knowing the highs will follow. That gut feeling, that’s intuition.

Intuition is divine. It’s a message, an accurate one, that you just feel is right. Sometimes you know why, a lot of times you don’t.

As people, we typically wanna have everything figured out before we jump into it. I’m realizing you can’t approach everything like it’s a grocery store errand. It’s okay to let the chips fall where they may sometimes.

I say all this because everyday someone’s silly pride causes them to be stubborn & in turn make decisions they will regret down the line. You can avoid it though. You can go with what feels right, even though you think it’s wrong. Or you can simply not make a decision at that moment, and give your time to gather more information. I feel too often we make mistakes that we could’ve avoided. We too often don’t give ourselves enough credit when being decisive.

I recently heard someone say “When your emotions outweigh your intelligence, your emotions become dangerous”. I thought that was head-on. Don’t not listen to the people you consult with, then come back to them when what they said turned out to be correct. Don’t be making decisions due to reasons, other than your best interest longevity wise. All I’m saying is have faith in your intuition because once decisions are made & results unfold, you’re the only one that lives with that. A lot of people can be affected from your actions, but only you can live in your mess.


-Haziethought’s wishes you the best year. Nothing but prosperity & growth. Happy 2018.