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Real Ni**as Do Not Deserve P***y, Meaning…


Not a particular SZA follower, of course I was aware of some records & her brand, but was never fully drawn in. Comes 2016? Maybe earlyyyy 2017 the buzz for CTRL starts to bubble HEAVY. The following & loyalty was there, as it usually is with great entertaining female acts, but there was something different about her. She had released Drew Barrymore & Love Galore(W/ La Flame) prior to the album. Both having their own statement & vibration, enough to stir the same pot but different sides.

Comes June 9, 2017…or 11 P.M. June 8th, CTRL becomes the world’s. As humbly put, what a masterpiece. For once in a blue moon, the anticipation was more than worth it. With every song seaming into another like the pieces on an ugly Christmas sweater, it’s raw, ugly, and beautiful. It works. It has something for every mood you’re in. Except the microwave shit. That doesn’t live here.

Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick, Travi$ & James Fauntleroy all helped her lace the wax. Each providing enough seasoning to blend and not be over or underwhelming. She starts the album in front of mirror, butter ball naked with “Supermodel“. Take it or leave it. All or nothing. It feels like all of this. You just ride after this, stumbling right into The Weekend. A national anthem for ladies. Young, old, slender and phat. Still in the mirror, still bare. She touches a subject, I can’t honestly say I’ve heard discussed in this manner from this angle.

After that, Gina went Braking Clocks in her Garden. Lol no but really the album has 7 different tracks after that are really wavy, rejuvenating, thought-provoking, and emotion erupting. Wrapping up with 20 Something. Ending where we began: alone, reflective, trying to get answers. God bless SZA and her twenty somethings. The album is one of a kind, one of it’s time. It’s for the ladies no doubt, but it’s unisex & that’s very rare.