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I Feel Like Shawdy Lo, I’m Da Man


Coming off a tremendously independent 2016, Young Dolph had entered 2017 scorching. So when all the Gotti riff-raff came about, I wasn’t shocked but like ‘ok!?’. But I’m not really here to talk about all that wild shit, more so to highlight how Dolph’s brand remained invincible throughout it all. Unfortunately shot at & shot (two seperate occasions) we received a quality amount of content due to these occasions.

Before releasing his first 2017 project ‘Gelato‘ he had dropped the pavement blazing Play Wit Yo Bitch. Speaking on Yo Gotti all types of disrespectfully. He was saying in interviews how he wasn’t worried about Gotti, but his people kept bringing to his attention how Gotti was steady saying slick remarks in his music. So Dolph went there with him. Thus comes Gelato on February 2nd. After just releasing Rich Crack Baby the August before, Gelato was very solid, fresh & well put together. With features from Migos, Lil Yachty & the wizzleman himself, Wiz Khalifa, Dolph was being generous because of the attention around him due to Play Wit Yo Bitch.

Somebody didn’t like this, so they tried their first attempt on his life. Apparently not one bullet pierced the interior of his vehicle, so he continued to enjoy his blessings. He gave us Bulletproof, released April 1st, it was almost too perfect. How was he able to do this after just giving us that, and going through that. Vaguely talking about the situation, never giving out details that aren’t already in the public, the album is again well-rounded & dense enough to keep you compelled.

And Dolph just rode into the sunset, letting the waves breathe. He introduced a new act, Key Glock, released a documentary, and went on a national tour. For whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to escape harm’s way. While in L.A., minding his business it seems, and the situation becomes him in the hospital, shot. Highly anointed & blessed, he lived to tell the tale. October 20th he gives us Thinking Out Loud, which isn’t necessary him talking about the topic at hand, but you have to commend his will.

Here we are at the end of the year, and the haters still have no choice but to hate Young Dolph. All the allegations are just that, alleged. The brand is relentless though, Young Dolph is still a culture icon. Recently performing at the Rolling Loud festival in California, he had a WWE introduction & the love was undeniable. All in all, don’t hate on the next man. Get Yours.