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Released on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, Playboi Carti, self-titled debut mixtape by the pleighboi himself, had a lot of fighting to do. With what seemed like the perfect album roll-out and a grand amount of anticipation, the project just had to release next to the biggest Hip-Hop album of the year. Not only did it have this hurdle, it was the complete opposite of you traditional hip-hop. Very adlib infused, lot of lines repeated, with heavy enough slurs to push away someone that isn’t really paying attention.

Released April 14, 2017, it was time. Magnolia had been setting the parties & events on fire, while WokeUpLikeThis* had the internet in a frenzy. Very swagadelic, spacey, and to the point, it’s almost ahead of it’s time. When it initially released, I was hearing it but was not listening. This the type of project you have to just let play, with no expectations or desires.

Carti is really giving you a great introduction to him. Seeming to repeat lines often, but instead playing heavily on the words while making sure he doesn’t leave the pocket. The mixtape is very eclectic, charismatic, and envelope-pushing. In the great words of DJ Khaled, It’s A Vibe. Head to Apple, Tidal, etc. to rock out if you haven’t.