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Sunday Reflection: Close Out Remarks



As we close out the year, I’d like to take this time to reflect on how fast it passed. Time is of the essence & while the future is very important, milking the now is just as rich.

Personally, it wasn’t the absolute best year I’ve experienced, but I believe I’m going into the new year with a better mindset than ever. Not that New Years reflection stuff, but if that’s your cup of tea I definitely commend you and wish you all the focus in the world. I’ve been seeking more, you follow something long enough eventually you’ll get where you’re trying to go.

2017 alone, feels like two years. Although negativity thrived, many positive things occured. It’s all about what you give your time & what you allow in your space. Like you could stress over Donald Trump, or you appreciate Mr. Obama still being a man of the people. Apparently slavery is happening, but so is things like Bitcoin. (no no no they are no where near equivalent, similar etc.) I just prefer to look at life with the glass half-full than half-empty. Perspective is key.

Set some goals for the year. Set some goals to accomplish by 2020. All I’m saying is the future is now, time is everlasting yet ever-changing. Make you some money, yea, but never undervalue your integrity. And please please please believe in something, even if it’s yourself. God is here for you, but you gotta be here for yourself. Be Patience. Be Humble. Be Disciplined.