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About a year and a half ago, I interviewed Lil Dude. At the time, he was, if not the hottest DMV rapper (from PG side), neck & neck with the hottest. Shortly after it felt like he dropped the ball. Was doing a lot of moves, but never really scoring. Yet to release his high-anticipated ‘Trapnanana‘, but constantly marketing it.

Speed up to now . As of today, he has re-surged his career. Having dropped at least 3 100k+ videos on Youtube, releasing two projects, and allegedly dropping another on Christmas. He made strategic moves on the industry side, while it seemed like he was bs’n, putting himself in a position most artists from the DMV scene has not.

All those moves he was pulling, started to pay off. Thanksgiving 2017 he released Trapnanana’s follow up with Luciano 2.0. He released a few videos prior, but still there wasn’t an excruciating amount of marketing behind the project so you didn’t know what to expect. Which in hindsight was perfect.

Luciano 2.0 is Lil Dude going Dude again. Smooth cadences, captivating instrumentation, with melodic trap pocket flows. 13 tracks in-depth, with at least 5 songs that are single ready (different markets at that), I’d say it’s one of the more solid projects this year. You can check it out on whatever music platform you choose. May he continue to shine & prosper, when it seems he’s doing just the opposite. For the latest updates IG – @LilDudeLuciano1 … Twitter – @LilDudeLuciano ; Trapnanana. Luciano. Whoa Whoa