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Is Hip-Hop Changing?


Although we’re already in a new wave of hip-hop, and constantly catching a different one every other year, are we entering a new reign of sound in Hip-Hop/Rap? Everyday someone else is blaming Lil so-and-so or Young what’s-his-name for ruining the sound of “Hip-Hop”. For the majority of my life the sound has elevated throughout the years  and the mainstream direction it’s headed in is almost “not” hip-hop.

The sounds are very eerie, spacey, sonically-driven, and mind-tampering. While I could attribute the direction to Drake, I could also attribute it to the likes of Young Thug, Key!, Chief Keef, and others. Since 2012, we have seen a constant cultural-shift and emergence like no other. It seems soon, very soon, the mainstream will be entirely what the high school kids are listening too. So while I’m enjoying what seems to be the soon reign of The Migos, I question who is the underdog to win this year.

Hip-hop might be in a constant change but he may for better and not worst.