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Life As I Know It


It was the summer of 2010. My cousin Lloyd and I would stay in my living room for hours at a time discussing “the meaning of life?” Back then I had just graduated from high school and had no real grasp of life to say the least. For me when the argument got to whether life was real or not, I couldn’t fathom it being anything but that.

Lloyd however was much more of a thinker about the question. He cared about trying to understand and find an answer to that question.

Almost seven years later and now he makes all the sense in the world.

On the last day of 2016 my godmother passed, she died peacefully in her sleep. She was an older woman but a woman in good health. It’s funny, the day before she passed she had a holiday brunch for her family and friends. She cooked a great meal for all of us and we just enjoyed each other’s company.

I last saw her at around 1 pm on Friday I got a call at 1 pm Saturday saying she was dead.

So the last four days have been my reckoning with life. It’s been sad, angry, confused and ultimately unfair. The one thing that has remained though, is the fact that life has kept going it didn’t stop.

Maybe I finally have an idea of the meaning of life, it’s about living. It might be the reason I got to see her one last time or that she passed away peacefully in the comfort of her home after a long life. Maybe it’s not as complicated as I think.

I still really don’t know, but I think it’s going be better. I guess that counts for something.

Rest In Peace Aunt Mona, from Baby Charles.

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