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I Will Remind You Guys Often Why Donald Trump is President


If there’s one phrase I’ve heard a lot recently when in arguments, debates or just casual discussion has been this: “Blah blah blah and that’s why Trump is President.”

Normally said in a sarcastic or disrespectful tone, this statement most of the time is a non sequitur and done to invalidate the point being made by said person. Funny thing though is, there are really reasons as to why Donald Trump became President. Ranging from some voters wanting a different kind of government from the current one to voters who truly were ignorant to the issues.

Well there’s another group, the group who believed the bigotry, sexism and Islamophobia that Donald Trump spewed during his campaign were about those other people. Case point this next tweet


Well, Twitter will not allow for such hot takes to fire off without letting you know just how foolish you sound.


Just in case you thought the Twitter world could help Carl Reiner understand why his outlook might be a bit out of touch, Reiner shows just why Donald Trump is President again. 



Remember, this is what happens when you decide to give a person who has been openly hateful to all groups that aren’t like him a chance.

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