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All Colin Kaeperick Wants Is To Make America Great


It’s been a week and some change since Colin Kaepernick first took his public and peaceful stance against police brutality by not standing for the National Anthem.

In the week since much has been written about Kaepernick and the statement he made, even on this website.

The Kaepernick situation has taken another wacky turn. This time it involves the police. Friday, a letter was sent to San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York by union members that represent the Santa Clara Police Department. The SCPD provides a majority of the security at 49ers games.

The letter gives the 49ers and Kaepernick a simple ultimatum, if the 49ers don’t do something about Kaeprnick’s stance that it “could result in police officers choosing not to work at your facilities.”

This sounds very familiar to what happened in the WNBA when the Minnesota Lynx stood in solidarity with both police officers and Black Lives Matter movement and had the same ultimatum levied to them.

But why does Kaepernick, the women of the Minnesota Lynx or anybody taking a stance for justice make so many people so angry?

First, it’s pretty simple. You don’t see the two Americas that Kaepernick and others are talking about, black and white doesn’t exist to you. Police brutality, unfair housing practices and lack of resources doesn’t exist to you.

The idea that a person wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the greatest country in the world baffles you. It’s crazy. I mean I get it. What about the dictatorships around the world? How could we forget about all the atrocities taking place around the world that the great United States never has to face. Oppression? That’s such a third world issue, no one is oppressed in your America.

It doesn’t make sense to you that how even when athletes, entertainers and people who make millions of dollars won’t just shut up and be happy. How can a person making more money than the average person, shit how can those who have made it into the one percent of America complain about anything, especially oppression.

You’re not a racist, well I don’t think. I think you’ve never had to deal with anything but one America, your America. One that respects you and all your rights. One that upholds not just your life, freedoms and pursuits of happiness but steps on others so yours can thrive.

So while you argue as to why Colin Kaepernick’s actions are disgraceful for a multitude of reasons, many you’ve made up on your own. Remember that the world Kaepernick speaks of isn’t your world no matter how you try to spin it.

Your issue was never with Kaepernick or his stance, it’s with the fact that YOUR America isn’t just yours anymore and that’s why you want to make it great again.


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