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Malia Obama Needs Better Friends


Video surfaced of Malia Obama, the President’s daughter smoking something while at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.



Now why do I say the eldest Obama daughter needs better friends?

First of all if your dad is the President of the United States, your friends should know better than to put you in a precarious situation. Like it’s 2016, posting videos on the internet of famous people ain’t going to just go unnoticed. Second, did I mention her father was the President of the United States, and the first black one at that?

Malia Obama is a teenager being a teenager, she is also a teenager who has Secret Service by her side and the rest of the world watching her almost every move.

Whether fair or not, Malia is and will continue to be held to a different, and often times unfair standard than her fellow teenage counterparts. Malia knows this now and knew it when her friends decided to record her.

Moral of the story Malia – get better friends, or at least ones who get it.

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.