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Does Lil Yachty Have A Point?



Lil Yachty is part of the new school rappers who are probably more so rock stars, artists than rappers but since they do all their crooning and sometimes rapping over trap beats they’re rappers, but that’s a story for another day.

So that brings us to the clip above. Lil Yachty was out in Los Angeles when he visited Real 92.3 FM radio station and said what he said above about old heads hating on this new era of hip-hop. Does Yachty/Boat make a valid point?

I actually enjoy some of Yachty music so I feel where he’s coming from.

Also if you want to find guys who can “really rap” or “spit bars” we also live in the internet era and you can find anything you want. Music included. So just don’t listen to the Yachty’s of the world.

Lil Boat !!!

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