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We Didn’t Forget About the DNC Leaks


So Wikileaks is at it again, this time the journalist organization released 20,000 emails from the stolen servers of the Democratic National Committee .

Now here’s the thing, while the wikileaks did at least expose some of the corruption in the Democratic Party (not a surprise) there wasn’t anything specific linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee that’s damaging.

The DNC wanted Hillary Clinton to win the nomination and wasn’t neutral. Many of us knew that during the campaign and these leaks are just confirmation. This is no different than in 2008 when the same thing was said to have been done to then Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Put it simply, the DNC wanted and still wants Hillary to win the nomination and have a chance at the White House. The only difference between 2016 and 2008? Barack Obama was a stronger opponent than Bernie Sanders.

Now is it fair or ethical what the DNC did? Probably not but it’s the way politics work for the better or worse.

What did the DNC leaks really reveal?

The DNC wanted Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Major media outlets are in bed with political parties, and a lot of personal information from donors were released.

Was the Democratic National Committee in the wrong for not being neutral during the campaign cycle? Yes. Did the public and Bernie Sanders campaign know that before these leaks? Yes.

So while Bernie and his supporters can be mad and people can complain about Hillary Clinton’s nomination. The one thing that this should prove to us all is that the Republicans aren’t much different than the Democrats and to believe either really care about the betterment of the people at this point would be somewhat foolish.

Man I can’t wait for November to get here.


Update 3:50 pm: Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign as chair of the DNC at the end of the convention.

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