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Whoever Thought A GOP Convention Could Be So Entertaining


You’ve probably heard by now that Melania Trump may or may not have swagger jacked some lines from her speech Monday night at the GOP Convention from current First Lady Michelle Obama.

Now to be fair to Melania she didn’t plagiarize the whole speech but there are quite a few chunks that she did bite off. Intentional or not the plagiarism was first spotted by journalist Jarrett Hill on Twitter. Then things got interesting as the internet went full Sherlock Holmes.

Here’s a mashup of both Melania Trump’s speech Monday night, and Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.



Is this really a big deal? Eh, probably not. Melania Trump more than likely used speechwriters to help her construct her speech and whether or not they purposefully chose to lift parts from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech will be something only they can tell us.

But here are a few of my takes on the situation:

  1. Would people be as forgiving for this potential mistake if Michelle Obama was the one being accused of plagiarism?
  2. Donald Trump and the GOP seem to not agree nor like President Obama, so wouldn’t it be a wee bit embarrassing if that same man’s wife was the person your wife decided to plagiarize from?
  3. This whole situation really made the GOP entertaining.


Look man if Melania becomes First Lady, her speeches will be the least of our worries. If you came here for the funny, here’s some of the best responses from the internet.



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