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Man, Killing Some Wack Shit


I didn’t want to see Alton Sterling be murdered, I didn’t want to see Philando Castile be murdered, and I didn’t want to see as of last notice, five Dallas police department officers be killed on Thursday night at a protest against police brutality, which had peaceful up until it’s end when the shooting began.

Eleven officers in total were shot, this is another sad day because lives

We can mourn both the deaths of civilians at the hands of law enforcement, as well as the assassination of civil servants, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

It’s hard to think of what to say that feels right. In the last four days 10 families lives have been changed forever (There were three other incidents nationwide of civilians being shot and killed by police) and for what really?

It’s truly all very sad and heartbreaking.

Too many times typing R.I.P. – here’s another one. R.I.P. to slain officers of the Dallas Police Department.


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