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Yo, Andrew Luck Just Got Paiddddd


Andrew Luck was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, now he’ll become the highest paid player in the NFL after signing a six year. $140 million contract ($87 million guaranteed) to stay with the Indianapolis Colts reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.


Is Andrew Luck worth the most money ever guaranteed in the history of football? I really don’t know, and if you’re asking me my gut feeling I’d say no. However, Luck is a 26-year-old face of an organization, top 10 quarterback and overall good guy by all accounts.

The NFL is a quarterback league and quarterbacks get paid, like it or not. They’re the face of the league most of the time and command the most star power. The real question though is, out of all the young quarterbacks in the league – Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton are you sure Andrew Luck is better than any of them? And if not, is he still worth this type of money?

Andrew Luck isn’t a top 5 quarterback right now, and his new contract is based on the hope that he will one day pretty soon be that top 5 quarterback. I know one thing for sure though, he’ll forever be paid.

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