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Politicians Are Sneaky Characters, Never Forget That


The political issue currently in the minds of many is the growing debate about bathrooms and who gets to use which one.

A North Carolina law requires people in government buildings to use the bathroom that appears on their birth certificate. This law has been met with quite the backlash – a few companies have banned travel to the state of North Carolina and other companies have said that the law would make them consider doing business within the state.

The situation has become such a mess that the Justice Department filed a civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina over the said bathroom bill – HB2 or better known as House Bill 2.

House Bill 2 has five parts and many politicians in favor of the bill would only want you to focus in on part one. However, Harold Lloyd a Wake Forest law professor and contributor to Huffington Post does an immaculate job of outlining and explaining the five parts of the bill in great detail and with clarity. You can read his outline of the bill here or if you’re really into politics you can read the bill for yourself here.

So let me explain this as simply as possible. The North Carolina bill is 20 percent about whether or not transgender people should be allowed to use certain bathrooms and 80 percent about enacting laws you don’t know about. North Carolina legislature is trying pull the okey doke on it’s citizens and many don’t care or realize.

While all that is important, and should not be overlooked. I’m not here to talk about North Carolina bathroom issues. I’m here to inform you that Louisiana Senate might be crazier than North Carolina, and you’ll understand why after this brief explanation.

So there was a bill in the Louisiana Senate, Senate Bill 468 banning strip clubs that served alcohol from hiring dancers under the age of 21. Pretty straightforward right? No no no, there was also an amendment included in the bill that would limit employed dancers weight. Yes, an amendment to decide at what weight it is acceptable for you to take off your clothes in a club.

Fortunately the amendment was withdrawn and the bill was able to pass. However, let this be a lesson. Them politicians sneaky, and you should keep your eyes out for them.

If  you want to read more on Louisiana Senate Bill 468 you can read more here and here.

Information in this article from Huffington Post and an ABC News affiliate

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