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Do We Finally Know Who Biggie Was Talking About in “I Got A Story To Tell” ?


On Monday while appearing on ESPN show Highly Questionable rapper Fat Joe was finally able to confirm an ongoing investigation by the show as to which New York Knicks player was the Notoroious B.I.G. referring to on the song “I Got A Story To Tell”


For those of you who don’t know the song you can listen below, but it’s these lines in particular that has become legend in the streets for nearly 20 years.


She get dick from a player off the New York Knicks
Nigga tricked ridiculous, the shit was plush
She’s stressing me to fuck, like she was in a rush
We fucked in his bed, quite dangerous
I’m in his ass while he playing against the Utah Jazz

And then this line in the outro

Yo, freaky yo. I’m up in
this bitch player this bitch fucking run them old Knick ass niggas and shit,
I’m up in the spot though. One of them six-five niggas, I don’t know.



Is Fat Joe revelation 100% definitive proof that Anthony Mason was the Knick who got robbed at gun point by Biggie, no. It is however the closest I think any of us will get to knowing the truth, unless a certain woman decides to give us her side of the story.

R.I.P. Anthony Mason & Christopher Wallace


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