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‘African Booty Scratcher’: Turning Cruelty into Comedy



I remember feeling so bad when I’d hear the slur ‘African Booty Scratcher’ in my younger years from other students addressing African kids just because they didn’t understand them. But years later, being Afrocentric is a lot cooler than it was then, so I can only imagine the kids who were once teased looking at everyone else with a bit of a side-eye now that they want to be more like them. Funny how life comes full circle right? Ha! Anyway, expanding on the topic of cool Africans, I was excited to find out from the site okayafrica.com that one of the people who works on my current favorite sitcom Black-ish on ABC, Damilare Sonoiki, is introducing a new show called African Booty Scratcher which comedically delves into the lives of a Nigerian-Immigrant family.


If you’re like me and have more than a few African friends, you’ll know that poking jokes (harmlessly of course) at Nigerians and their cultural ways is a pretty common thing. Me, being far from a first-generation African American, never FULLY got the nuances of the jokes but they were always funny nonetheless, even to my Nigerian friends. But having a show centered on explaining the foundation and beauty of this culture in more detail is extremely necessary.

Peep the trailer and join me in laughter and increased curiosity as Ayodeji (who prefers to be called Ayo because its just easier) explains how despite his efforts of trying to find his own space in American society, his parents and culture make that more difficult to do than expected.

Hilarious already right? Learn more about the show by following the team on twitter or visiting their website africanbs.com and support their kickstarter if you agree that this story deserves visibility and want to see this on a major TV network.

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