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Curt Schilling Doesn’t Get It, At All


Curt Schilling got fired last week from ESPN for finally going too far on Facebook posting meme’s. The final one was a meme disparaging the transgender community and a new law that would allow for transgender people to use the bathrooms they identify with.

Here’s the meme Schilling thought didn’t deserve any scrutiny.




Schilling didn’t get fired for his political stance, he got fired because he’s a bigot and he doesn’t bring enough money or star power for that matter to ESPN the network.

He’s now going around telling people how unfair ESPN is and that political views like his get shot down and lead to termination, while political views opposite of his go unchecked.

Schilling is a delusional man, and I feel bad for him. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should, and doesn’t mean you shouldn’t and won’t be punished for it.

Schilling also strikes me as the guy who gets mad and tries to denounce those who bring up such things as Black Lives Matter and White Privilege.

We could continue to dissect all the ways Schilling is wrong, but that would mean taking him serious, and who really wants to do that?

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