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Male Sports Fans Seem To Hate The Females That Cover Sports



Just Not Sports put together the video above #MoreThanMean to showcase just how far some men will go on the internet when it comes to talking about women. The video starts off as harmless as any other mean tweets video, but then hits home when the male readers realize just how mean these tweets actually are. (Note – these men did write those tweets and did not know prior to the interview the content of many of the tweets read)

My take – sports are not the safe haven we would like to believe them to be at times. It’s not an utopia where everyone plays fair, everyone is treated equally and judged based off their merit.

Sports are a reflection of our real world, and unfortunately this is our world. This video made me think of a part in Beyonce’s new album video – Lemonade where it speaks to black women being the most unprotected and unappreciated person in the United States. This video just gives more credence to that point.

While all the tweets and comments were especially bad, it were the tweets to Sports Illustrated columnist Julie DiCaro about her rape that struck the most.

It’s easy to watch the video and quickly dismiss it – men in sports media face the same thing, they don’t. Once you come to that realization – the next question has to be why? As much as you hate your favorite male broadcaster I’m sure you’d never wish him being raped and killed. So I must wonder why you would for a women?



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