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Happy 4/20


April 20th, 4/20 or whatever name you choose to call this day is the greatest American holiday of them all.

Please don’t argue with me. I could give you a plethora of reasons as to why getting stoned all day while listening to the best of music and finding the best snacks and movies to watch is the greatest thing ever, but if I did you’d be the people DJ Khaled refers to as “they”.

I once wrote a really great article (in my opinion) on the origins of this holiday. The kids in California who first coined the phrase and all that. How it has nothing to do with Bob Marley and a bunch of other facts about weed, but in 2016 that really doesn’t matter.

Weed is legal for recreational use in a bunch of places, and the only people who really still have a problem with the sticky icky are conservative church thumping lunatics most of the time.

Enjoy 4/20, please make sure you do go to work if you have too, and get high as you see fit. I’ll share a few of my favorite ways to get stoned below.


  1. Blunts – really this is due to the fact that this is how I first started smoking and I can’t give it up. Backwoods over everything. However, a quality leaf wrap is always appreciated.
  2. Papers – There are really levels to the papers. Choose wisely and stick to what you know. Fanta only if you a pro.
  3. Glass – This is probably my favorite way to get stoned. Whether it’s wax or buds, I’m really just more of a fan of glass. You never can go wrong with glass.
  4. Edibles – It’s weird as much as I think I like edibles I really can’t never get with them. I do enjoy them for long trips where you can’t smoke, i.e. planes and buses. I would like to think maybe I just never had quality edibles, but that one time in San Fran I really wasn’t impressed with what I got.
  5. Creative/Mechanical shit – Vapes are cool, not really me, but cool nonetheless. Smoking out of things like apples or water bottles is very juvenile, don’t be a juvenile.


Some other 4/20 rules or advice I’d like to impart on you guys.

  1. Hotboxing is dangerous in this kind of weather, be careful. Also the feds are looking.
  2. Smoking outside is cool, but um, move it inside if possible. Privacy the best policy.
  3. Cotton mouth is very real, keep a cold one near by.
  4. Do Not Forget The Lighter.
  5. Pace yourself, it’s a marathon not a sprint.
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