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Are Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Really Our Only Two Options?


Super Tuesday came and when it left Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were standing tall as it seems each is set to be the nomination for their respected parties. Trump took North Carolina, Florida and Illinois primary. While, Clinton won Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio.

First things first, damn. Like this was ultimately the worst case scenario. Having to pick between Trump – an alleged racist, bigot etc or Clinton, a manipulator and panderer.

Second, since these two will probably be your nominees should you choose the lesser of two evils? I can’t really call it.

As for all those who believe they’ll just up and leave the country if Trump becomes President, or Hillary to a lesser extent. The rest of the world wants you to know something. Check your privilege at the door.



The Presidential election is less than eight months away, and it might be time to think of life with Donald Trump as your President or his good friend Hillary Clinton.

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