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How Did O.J. Get Away With Murder


So I’m all caught up on The People vs O.J. Simpson show that airs Tuesday nights on FX. Halfway through the 10 show episode I’ve only got one question – How the hell did O.J. get away with it?

Well I know, but the more I watch the show the more and more it just awes me how O.J. really got away with murder.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the show we’re currently at the point where the trial is in full swing. So here’s a few takeaways I have come up with  since watching the latest episode.

  1. The prosecutor really loss the case. Marcia Clark had so much stuff going on in her life it’s crazy to me that she wasn’t taken off the case. Let’s recap all the things that have occurred to Ms. Clark in episodes four and five. Marcia had a nude photo of her exposed by one of her former husbands. She was crucified in the media for her appearance and was in the midst of a custody battle with her other former husband. Marcia Clark was vilified more than the man on trial for murder, and that might be the reason he got off.
  2. Race. Johnnie Cochran made the case about race when he knew that was the only thing that could get O.J. off. Here’s the thing though, O.J. hated the fact that he was being viewed through a black identity. One of the best quotes from the show thus far is O.J. Simpson uttering these words. “You want to make this a black thing, but it’s not. I’m not black I’m OJ.” This quote to me describes the complexity of this case to a tee. A prominent black man accused of killing his white ex-wife, and using the defense that his blackness is the reason for his arrest. Yet, not wanting that to be his defense because he doesn’t view himself as black. Confused? Well yes, that was the O.J. case.
  3. The media whores that were involved. This case was deemed “The case of the century.” and everyone treated it as such. It was more than a trial, it was an event. From Judge Lance Ito’s remarks that seem more appropriate for a comedy lounge than a courtroom. To Cochran using questionable rhetoric to paint Los Angeles County assistant prosecutor Christopher Darden in a less than polarizing light with the black community.

The show is getting more and more thrilling as the episodes go. If you haven’t tuned in yet, make sure Tuesday night you get your fix.

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