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Why is America Overreacting at Everything Black People Do?


If you’ve kept up with anything from the news to popular culture to sports, then you have began to witness the demonizing of black culture in the most rare form that I have personally seen in a long time. But why is that, and what does that mean?

At this years super bowl, super star Beyonce performed her latest single “Formation” a day after releasing it and the fans LOVED everything about it, but the next day headlines from the usual suspects (Fox) and other media outlets immediately criticized the performance (which featured her dancers in Black Panther ish attire) as a hateful attack on police. HOW SWAY; the sentiments of most Black Americans at hearing and reading such remarks. Charlemagne the God even gave one conservative blogger/journalist Tomi Lahren donkey of the day for her extreme criticism of the performance, she went as far as to say “your husband was a drug dealer for 14 years, want to help the community? start at home!”, as well as comparing the black panther salute to a KKK salute.


But if you are asking yourself why this is even a conversation, it relates back to the subject at hand, almost anything that has involved black pride in the media of late has been criticized as extreme, racist, hateful, lacking good taste, or a police attack. The reasoning for this is unclear, but at a time where a popular presidential candidate seeks to ban Muslims and calls all Mexicans rapist, AND has garnered support from most of the republican affiliated white America, its not hard to see why anything that isn’t White and conservative these days is put under scrutiny.

In sports, quarter back Cam Newton, who propelled the NC Panthers to the super bowl only to reach an upsetting defeat to the Broncos, has been repeatedly harassed, and a target of media hate for the greater second half of the season, at what most say started with him Dabbing ( a hip hop influenced dance popularized by the Migos and other southern rap) as a celebratory dance. He received unnecessary amounts of coverage negatively blasting him around the clock, and one conservative white woman even wrote a letter saying that it is “inappropriate for her children to watch such behavior”.

Now people! We have seen viral videos of white/black/Indian people Nay Naying and whipping for most of the later end of 2015 leading into 2016, How in Gods name is this man’s dancing, (might i add its a simple arm gesture resembling a bow) offensive in any way? A question that once again is unanswerable unless you are an overreacting participant of American conservative media, particularly White America. Even further, this dance is being done across every major sport now by athletes of every race celebrating small victories. I guess black culture is trendy huh?


If you look at it from a political standpoint it seems to be an active effort by mainstream media to convince the vast majority of non black Americans that black culture is a bad thing, one that should not be participated in and should be banned from airways and television, and for me that is just plain racist. It is honorable to see such salutes being made to groups like the Black Panther Party who fought for the safety of citizens in black communities 50 years after their formation, and messages sent through music and video demanding the end to the era of police brutality.

But furthermore black culture has had influence over every major aspect of American life as we know it, to now demonize everything even remotely pridefully black is wrong and pushes an even more dangerous rhetoric to people in America that draws a line in the sand, “My culture vs Your Culture”. That isn’t what america is about and if we truly want to make our nation great again we have to start breaking down the walls of separation and embrace each other and our collective cultures for what they are.  One can exist with the other without hate and political banter!

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Mike Abrantie Current Los Angeles resident, South-side of Chicago Native, and Product of the Homeland Ghana West Africa, Mike Abrantie is a modern day historian and supporter of the people. From Civil rights to world topics and its affects on the lower and middle class, he is an advocate of Historical integrity and believes in knowledge being the root of motivation and creative inspiration.